Sultan of Bijapur, Ibrahim Adil Shah II

2019-05-27 Mon

Ibrahim Adil Shah II was the sultan of Bijapur and also a member of Adil Shahi Dynasty. Adil Shahi Dynasty was a Shia Muslim Dynasty founded by Yusuf Adil Shah, a ruler of Bijapur Sultanate. Ibrahim Adil Shah II was the fifth ruler of Bahamani dynasty. His reign is considered as the greatest period of Bahamani dynasty as he had succeeded in extending his frontier till Mysore.

Ibrahim Adil Shah II had tried to bring cultural harmony between Shiyas and Sunnis; he tried to bring harmony between Hindus and Muslims through music. He was a great lover of music, played musical instruments, sang and composed praises of Hindu deities Saraswati and Ganapati. In Indian history, he is also known as ‘Jagadguru Badshah’.

This copper falus which weighs around 14.6g was issued by him.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction