Malwa Sultanate ruler Ghiyath Shah

2019-05-25 Sat

Ghiyath Shah was the ruler of Malwa Sultanate, he ruled Malwa Sultanate from 1456 to 1500; from 1456 C to 1469 he ruled malwa as Heir Apparent and form 1469-1500 as sultan of Malwa Sultanate.

Ghiyath Shah was the son of Mahmud I, he started his carrier by serving his father as a military leader. Slowly, he started playing an important role in his father’s administration. When he was made Hier Apparent he was also given a right to struck coins in his own name. The earliest known struck in his name was in the Hijri year 861.

Ghiyath Shah was a devoted ruler, though he had enjoyed all the pleasure he abstained from intoxicating drink and foods forbidden on religious grounds. According to the Firista, he gave instruction to all his attendants that he should be woken at the hour of prayer, and if he didn’t wake up they should pull him out of bed even if he is in sleep. Ghiyath was very much interested in female education, to teach women of his court he had set up many Madrasa in Sarangpur.

This mintless type square gold tanka was issued by Ghiyath Shah Weighs around 11.0g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al Wathiq Bi'l Malik Al Multaji Abu'l Fath Ghiyath Shah (Abu'l Fath is To the Right of Ghiyath)’. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Bin Mahmud Shah Al Khalji Al Sultan Khallada Mulkahu’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction