Global Philatelic Network to Auction Several Rare Stamps

23 May 2019  Thu

The Global Philatelic Network is organising three public auctions. Two of them will be held on 1st June at the Stockholmia 2019 stamp show and exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden. The third one will be held on 8th June at the Hotel Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden, Germany and presented by Heinrich Koehler auction house. Over 30 auctions will be conducted in the next five years. Most of the stamps belong to the businessman Erivan Haub, who died in March 2018 at the age of 85. These stamps will be offered during the 2nd and 3rd public auctions.

One of the highlights from the third auction is a rare black 9-kreuzer error stamp from Baden black, printed on blue-green paper instead of rose paper. Another such cover with the error stamp is showcased at the Berlin Postal Museum, and a cut out of a cover also exists. The offered cover was mailed from Ettenheim to Karlsruhe and was earlier owned by three expert philatelists. The item has a listed market value of $2 million. However, it is difficult to accurately evaluate them. This time, it is being offered at a starting bid of €800,000.

Another highlight is a block of 15 1849 1kr black stamp from Bavaria (Bayern), with an inverted pair at position 10. A single cliche was mistakenly inverted in the printing plate and the printed stamp is upside down when compared to the other stamps in the block. Although necessary corrections were made, a few of them exist even today. The tete-beche pair has a listed market value of $125,000.

5 per cent of the total hammer price at the first two auctions will be donated to the Stockholmia exhibition and the Royal Philatelic Society London. Two British 1-penny Mulready covers used along with the legendary Penny Black stamp in 1840 are something to look for. One cover is postmarked by the London Chief Office in red on the day of issue, May 6, 1840. The second was mailed by the famous philatelist, Rowland Hill, who brought in several postal reforms and supported the development of the postage stamp. It is addressed by Hill and also features his signature.

A complete pane of 18 of black 60-reis Bull’s-Eye stamps from Brazil issued in 1843 is another exciting offering. The pane is in great condition, features fresh colours and large margins with outer framelines at top, right and bottom.

A diagonal half of a 3-penny red Beaver stamp from Canada, issued between 1852 and 1857, used as 1½d stamp on cover, is also up for sale. The stamp was attached to a whole stamp, used to pay postage on a full letter dated 16th July 1855, and mailed to New York from the Port Hope branch of the Bank of Upper Canada.

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Image Courtesy: Global Philatelic Network

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