Canadian Coin Celebrates 60th Anniversary of St. Lawrence Seaway

2019-05-20 Mon

Canada released a Proof .9999 fine silver $30 coin with a uniquely shaped anchor-chain rim to celebrate the 60th anniversary of St. Lawrence Seaway. Designed by Artist Claire Watson and engraved by Howard Lam, the coin shows a view from inside a lock. A frontal view of a ship in the waters is shown with the Canadian Maple Leaf symbol. The unique rim goes well with the nautical theme of the coin. The 62.69 grams coin has a diameter of 50 millimetres in and a mintage limit of 4,000 pieces. It can be purchased for $219.95 Canadian.

The construction of St. Lawrence Seaway was completed in the year 1959. This engineering marvel is made of canals and locks which connects North America to the Atlantic Ocean. The old trade route was revived which improved the economy greatly as the Seaway gave easy access to larger ships. Almost 40 million metric tons of cargoes get transported every year today through the Seaway. Apart from that, it has also become a destination for recreational boaters.

Image Courtesy: Royal Canadian Mint