Italian Coin Commemorates 100th anniversary of the National Alpine Association

2019-05-15 Wed

Italy released a commemorative coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Alpine Association. The coin represents the values of homeland, courage, loyalty, a sense of duty and the defence of national heritage. The obverse side depicts a portrait of an Alpiner with a traditional felt hat and an inclined pen at the back. Other inscriptions include the texts “ITALIAN REPUBLIC” and the artist’s name “PETRASSI”. The reverse side depicts an Alpine soldier patrolling a mountain territory with a mule. The Alpine star represents courage and tenacity. Other inscriptions include “ASSOCIATION NATIONAL ALPINE”, denomination “5 EURO”, year of foundation “1919”, year of issue “2019” and “R” mint mark of the Mint of Rome. Engraving artists Luciana De Simoni and Silvia Petrassi created the design for the bronzital coins, while they were produced by the Mint of Rome.

The Alpini is the oldest mountain warfare infantry which was established in 1872 and is active even today. It was established to protect the northern mountain border of Italy with France and Austria-Hungary. In 1888, the Alpini was deployed in Africa, but they were asked to come back many times to fight many wars for the Kingdom of Italy. During World War I, they fought for three years in snow and ice against Austro-Hungarian Kaiserjager and the German Alpenkorps. During World War II, the Alpini joined the Axis forces, to fight on Eastern Front and in the Balkans Campaigns.

Image Courtesy: Italian Mint