Ancient Celtic Imitation Silver Tetradrachm

14 May 2019  Tue

An ancient silver tetradrachm issued in the 1st Century B.C. by an unknown Celtic tribe near the Danube River was sold by Nomos Ag on 5th May in Zurich for 1,600 Swiss francs against an estimate of 450 Swiss francs.

The 16.73 grams coin is an imitation of Thasos coins and has a diameter of 31 millimetres. The obverse side depicts the head of Dionysos to right, while the reverse side shows Herakles, holding a club and a lion’s skin. The auction firm grades the coin as “Virtually as struck” and believes that these imitation coins were produced on a large scale in the Balkan region.

The imitation coins feature a non-Hellenic style that changes the types of Dionysos and Herakles into grotesque figures with pellets around. The obverse head has been altered with a modern touch while the reverse figure looks like a fisherman holding two salmons.

Image Courtesy: Nomos Ag

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