Gold Stater of Alexander III from Tarsos Mint

2019-05-13 Mon

29th May is the last date to bid for a stunning gold stater of Alexander III offered by CNG for an estimated value of $2,000. The 8.56 grams coin in Near Extremely Fine condition has a diameter of 16 millimetres and was struck under Balakros or Menes between circa 332 and 327 B.C. at the Tarsos Mint.

The obverse side depicts Athena wearing a helmet with a griffin. The reverse side features Nike holding a wreath in her right hand and cradling a stylis in her left arm. A staff with two serpents placed on two wings is shown below Nike’s right wing.

The coin belongs to the earliest series of staters of Alexander that was struck at Tarsos (Tarsus). Some experts believed that the coin series was issued at Sidon while others believe that they were produced at an early mint in Damaskos. The most recent research suggests that the eight issues of gold were the first issues of Alexander-type staters at the mint of Tarsos. Thus, these coins were the first issues of Alexander’s new stater coinage.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Group