Shah Ashraf of Hotak dynasty

25 May 2019  Sat

Ashraf Hotak was the fourth Shah to rule the Hotak dynasty. In 1725, he briefly succeeded to the throne (Shah of Persia) after he killed his cousin Mahmud. His reign was noted for the sudden decline in the Hotak tribal rule under increasing pressure from the two superpowers of the time Turkish, Russian, and Persian forces.

During the reign he issued gold and silver coins in round and rectangular shapes. These coins issued in the denomination of Ashrafi, Shahi and Abbasi from various mints such as Isfahan, Qazvin, and Shiraz.

The above shown gold Ashrafi was issued during his reign from Isfahan mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the Sunni Kalma with AH date. The reverse of a coin bore the couplet "Be-Ashrafi athar-e nam-e anjenab rasid Sharaf za sekkeye Ashraf bar aftab rasid".

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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