Gold Dinar of Khumarawayh Ibn Ahmad

24 May 2019  Fri

Khumarawayh Ibn Ahmed was the second ruler of the Tulun dynasty. His father, Ahmad Bin Tulun was the autonomous ruler of Egypt and Syria. At the height of his power, Khumarawayh's authority expanded from the Byzantine frontier in Cilicia and the Jazira to Nubia.

The above shown gold Dinar was issued during his rign from Misr (Cairo) mint. This coin bears the names of Caliph al-Mu'tamid, al-Mufawwad, and al-Muwaffaq. The dinar contains the standard set of inscriptions found on Abbasid coins of the late ninth century.

It depicted the legend ‘La Ilaha Illalahu Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu’ within a center. ‘Bismillah Zarb Hadal Dinar Ba Misr’ wihin inner margin and ‘Lah Al-amr Min Qabl-o-Man Bad-o Yau mazi Al Mominin Ma Nasrallah’ within outer margin.

The reverse of a coin has legend ‘Laah Muhammad Rasulullah Al Mutamid Ala-Allah Khumarawayh ibn Ahmad’ within center. ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah Arsalah Bil Hadi Al Haq Al-Din’ depicted in margin.

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