Claudius Gothicus

2019-05-10 Fri

The Roman Emperor, Claudius Gothicus also know by his regnal name Claudius II was born on 10th May 214. He had served with the Roman army later; in 268 his troops proclaimed him Emperor. He ruled for less than two years (268–270 AD). His destruction of the Gothic cavalry earned him the name of Gothicus(conqueror of the Goths). He died of smallpox in January 270 and his brother Quintillus succeeded him for a short time.

During the reign, he issued gold, silver, copper, and billon coins in the denomination of Antoninianus, aureus, Quinarius. These coins were struck at various mints such as Milan, Rome, Siscia, and Cyzicus.

The above shown gold Aureus was issued during his reign from Milan mint. The obverse of a coin portrays the laureate head of Claudius II facing left and legend IMP CLAV-DIVS AVG depicted two sides of the bust. The reverse of a coin shows the standing Victory holding wreath and palm, two captives depicted at her feet. ‘VIC-TO-RIA AVG’ depicted around.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions