A typo Error on Australia's 50 Dollar banknote

10 May 2019  Fri

The “new and improved” 50 Australian dollar banknote which was introduced in circulation last year in October, with a host of new technologies designed to improve accessibility and prevent counterfeiting, has a typo error!

The yellow note which is the most widely circulated note in Australia and the most commonly given out note by the cash machines has the Indigenous writer and inventor David Unaipon on one side, and Edith Cowan, Australia’s first female Member of Parliament, on the other.

The design has a “micro-text” printer on the banknote with excerpts of Unaipon’s book, “Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines”, and Cowan’s first speech to parliament. The typo occurs in Cowan’s speech text where the word responsibility is misspelled as “responsibilty” (without an ‘i’).

The Reserve Bank of Australia in its statement acknowledged the error and confirmed that it would be rectified in the next print run.

Image Courtesy: Dylan Coker/AAP Image via Reuters

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