1851 Benjamin Franklin rarity

09 May 2019  Thu

On May 18th and 20th, Matthew Bennett international is going to conduct an auction. This auction is going to feature the Federick J.Strieter Collection of used United States with special emphasis on used Re-used and used coil line pairs. One of the highlights of Specimens error plus scarce FDC’s and postal history etc. one of the highlights of this sale is a used example of United State 1851 1cent blue Benjamin Franklin type I stamp.

The above-shown stamp is the beautiful example of this iconic 1 cent 1851 blue Benjamin Franklin stamp from position 7R1E, the only position of the 1000used to print the 1 cent imperforates that produced the complete design. This specimen is one of the finer of the 100 or so known example and a most handsome stamp as well. The auction house described this lost as featuring ‘Balanced margins barely touching in a couple of spots bull all type characteristics are completely visible, bring and fresh according to the auction.

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Image Courtesy: Findyourstampvalue

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