Highlights at the Matthew Bennett International Auctions

2019-05-09 Thu

On 18th May, Matthew Bennett International would be auctioning several amazing postage stamps at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 776 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Those who are interested also have the option to participate in live online bidding. One of the highlights is a used blue-coloured 1¢ US stamp featuring Benjamin Franklin that was issued in the year 1851. It belongs to the type I variety and is from position 7R1E.

The rare stamp has well-balanced margins which touch slightly only at two spots. All the type characteristics are clearly noticeable. It is struck with a red N.Y. square grid cancel. Only about 100 such examples exist today and the offered stamp is finer than most of them. It is being offered along with a 1995 Philatelic Foundation certificate and it has a listed market value of $65,000. However, it is difficult to evaluate the stamp accurately. The red grid cancel increases the market value of the stamp. Five 200-subject plates were used to print the stamp. Only the stamp printed at position 7 on the right pane of the early state of Plate I depicts a complete original die design.

Several other used U.S. stamps from the Frederick J. Strieter collection will be auctioned at the event. Special used rotary coil waste and rotary sheet waste stamps will also be offered. A rare perf 11 example of the 2¢ black coloured stamp issued in 1923 featuring Warren G. Harding produced from rotary press sheet waste will also be up for sale. A wide variety of Chinese and world stamps will also be auctioned.

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Image Courtesy: Matthew Bennett International