Jalal –Al-Din Firuz Khaji: Founder of Khalji Dynasty

2019-05-09 Thu

Jalal-Al-Din Firuz Khalji was the founder of Khalji dynasty. He founded Khalji dynasty in the year 1290 CE and ruled it till 1296 CE. The Khalji Dynasty ruled Delhi Sultanate from 1290 CE till 1320 CE.

Jala-Al-Din Firuz Khalji started his carrier an officer in Mamluk dynasty, who later rose to an important position under Sultan Muizzuddin Qaiqabad. When Sultan Muizzuddin Qaiqabad was paralyzed, a group of nobles came together and make his son Kayumars as their new sultan. But, later Kayumars deposed Kayumars and declare himself as new sultan.

Jala-Al-Din Firuz Khalji ruled Delhi Sultanate for barely 6 years, But in these six years of his reign, he issued coins in all metals like gold, silver, copper, and billon. His coins consist of various denominations like Dinar, Tanka, Jital, Paika, and Adli.

This gold Dinar was issued by him from the mint Hadrat Delhi during the Hijri Year 649.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction