The First Republic of Armenia was Formed

2019-05-28 Tue

Established on 28th May 1919, the First Republic of Armenia – officially known at the time of its existence as the Democratic Republic of Armenia – was the first modern Armenian state since the loss of Armenian statehood in the Middle Ages.

The republic was established in the Armenian-populated territories of the disintegrated Russian Empire, known as Eastern Armenia or Russian Armenia. In the year 1917, a spontaneous revolution broke which shifter the course of polity in Russia as well as in the adjoining nations.

The Armenians, Georgians, and Muslims of the Caucasus all rejected the Bolsheviks' legitimacy. One after the other, all of them declared their independence. The Armenian National Council declared the independence of Armenia on 28 May 1918. However, the republic was short lived. The republic lasted for over two years and By late 1920, the nation was conquered by the Soviet Red Army.

The First Republic of Armenia was founded on May 28, 1918, but stamps were first issued in 1919 overprinted on Russia. In 1919 Arshak Fetvadjian was commissioned to design and supervise the production of stamps for the new republic. Ten stamps were designed in different denominations and printed in Paris. Due to the occupation of Armenia, they were never delivered and few were printed.

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