Madagascar Stamps Commemorating Proclamation of Republic

27 May 2019  Mon

Post of the Republic of Malagache issued a set of three stamps on 28th February 1959 to commemorate the Proclamation of Republic from the French.

Madagascar the island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa was a French colony since 1897. The island was absorbed into the French colonial empire, from which the island gained independence in 1960. However, the Republic of Malagache (Madagascar) was founded in the year 1958.

Three months later the stamps proclaiming the republic was issued in February 1959. This set of three stamps was considered to be the first stamps of Independent Madagascar and was issued with the denominations of 20 francs, 25 francs, and 60 francs. The stamps are inscribed with the name of the country on top along with the denomination value and the event of an issue at the bottom.

The 20 francs stamp depicts Building of National Assembly and National Flag. The stamp with the value of 25 francs features Map and Flag of Madagascar and the stamp worth 60 francs shows local men holding the national flag with the map of Madagascar on the background.

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