First Independence Anniversary Stamps of Lesotho

17 May 2019  Fri

In the year 1967, Lesotho celebrated its First year anniversary of the independence and for the occasion Lesotho Post issued a set of three stamps.

Having acquired independence from British Rule, Lesotho became a fully sovereign state. The present Lesotho, then called Basutoland, emerged as a single polity under King Moshoeshoe I in 1822. After the death of, the traditional era ended and the colonial era began.

A century later, the British Rule ended and Basutoland gained its independence from Britain and became the Kingdom of Lesotho in 1966 which was celebrated by a release of 4 set of stamps. In 1967, Lesotho celebrated the first year anniversary of the Independence with yet another special philatelic issue.

This time a set of three rectangular stamps were issued on 4th October 1967. The 2 ½ cent stamp depicts Statue of Moshoeshoe I. The 12 ½ cents bears the Flag of Lesotho and the 25 cents stamp features a crocodile the national animal and the habitat of African crocodiles.

The stamps are inscribed with “First Anniversary of the Independence” along with the name of the country and the denomination value.

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