Colored Kaunas Stamps of Lithuania

2019-05-15 Wed

The Lithuania Post issued a new set of stamps on 17th Feb 1919. Printed by H. S. Herman printing house (Berlin), these colorful stamps were issued with a new design.

Finely produced, symbolic definitive Lithuania stamps were introduced in early 1919 with the denominations raging from 10 Lithuanian groats to 40 Lithuanian groat they featured the White Knight or Vytis from the Coat of Arms of Lithuania.

The stamps show a floral single colour background with printing in white. The Desing shows a white knight on white horse charging towards left. The Knight or Vytis is an old Lithuanian symbol taken from the Coat of Arms of Lithuania. This White Knight was originally the heraldic symbol of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and it represents Lithuania driving away invaders.

The Knight is topped with the inscription “LIETUVAS PASTO ZENKIAS” with the denomination in the centre at the bottom flanked by an inscription. The denomination value is also seen at the top right and left corners.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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