Italian Coin Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Carabinieri

08 May 2019  Wed

Italy released a commemorative 5-euro coin to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Heritage Protection Command. It is a part of the State Mint’s 2019 Numismatic Collection which focuses on subjects like homeland, courage, loyalty, a sense of duty and the defense of national heritage.

The obverse side depicts the official logo of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage with the headquarters of the Piazza Sant ‘Ignazio Command in the background. A symbolic image of a “grenade” is also featured. Other inscriptions include the artist’s name “L. De Simoni” and ”ITALIAN REPUBLIC“.

The reverse side depicts archaeological finds recovered by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, like the statue of Vibia Sabina; the Trapezophoros of Ascoli Satriano with griffins, the Capitoline Triad as Euphronios crater. Other inscriptions include the dates “1969” and “2019”, mint mark “R” for Mint of Rome, “5 EURO”, “CARABINIERI” and “PROTECTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE”.

Image Courtesy: State Mint of Italy

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