First Independent Stamp Issue of Madeira

07 May 2019  Tue

First independent stamp issue of Madeira Island came out on 2nd January 1980. These stamps were the first commemorative stamps of the country after independence which were issued to commemorate 112th Anniversary of the first Madeira stamp issue.

The history of Madeira begins with the discovery of the islands by Portugal in 1419. 5 centuries later, on 1 July 1976, following the democratic revolution of 1974, Portugal granted political autonomy to Madeira. The authority of issuing stamps was transferred to the Government of Madeira.

The first stamps issued by the independent Island of Madeira were the Evocation of the First Issue of the country. On 1 January 1868, Portugal issued postage stamps for the islands of Madeira, consisting of the current stamps of Portugal overprinted with "MADEIRA".

The set of two stamps which were issued to commemorate the first stamps of the country were issued with the denominations of the 6.5 Escudos and 19.50 escudos. The stamps bear an image of the old stamp with the names of countries “Portugal” and “Madeira” at the bottom along with the denomination value and the years 1868-1980.

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