Muhammad Hasan Khan of Qajar dynasty

2019-05-06 Mon

The Qajar dynasty was an Iranian royal dynasty of Turkic origin. The Qajar family took control of Iran, deposing the last Shah of the Zand dynasty. Muhammad Hassan Khan ruled the Qajar from 1750 to 1759 AD.

During the reign, he issued gold and silver coins in the denomination of Mohur, Abbasi, and Shahi. These coins were struck at various mints such as Isfahan, Kashan, Qazvin, Tabriz, Yazd, Iravan, Mazandaran, Qom, and Rasht.

The above shown gold Mohur belongs to his reign. The obverse of a coin depicted the couplet ‘Ba-zar sekkeAz zad al maymanat-e qaza / ba-nam-e 'ali ebne musa al-reza Zarb Isfahan’ meaning 'Fate has auspiciously struck a coin in precious metal, in the name of Ali Reza, son of Musa, (i.e., the 8th Imam)' with mint and date. The reverse of a coin has Shiite Kalma within a small central cartouche surrounded by a broad blank margin.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions