Estonia 2 Krooni banknote of 1992

2019-05-15 Wed

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe which shares its borders with the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Including more than 1,500 islands, its diverse terrain spans rocky beaches, old-growth forest, and many lakes. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, it's dotted with castles, churches and hilltop fortresses. The capital, Tallinn, is known for its preserved Old Town, museums and the 314m-high Tallinn TV Tower, which has an observation deck.

As a member of the European Union, Estonia is considered a high-income economy by the World Bank. The Kroon was the official currency of Estonia for two periods in history: 1928–1940 and 1992–2011. The kroon was reintroduced as Estonia's currency on 20 June 1992, replacing the Soviet ruble at a rate of 1 kroon = 10 rubles. The kroon was divided into 100 cents before it got replaced with Euro.

The note alongside is a 2 Krooni banknote of 1992. The obverse has the portrait of Anthropologist, naturalist, geographer and biologist Karl Ernst von Baer to left; the reverse has a view of Tartu University (founded in 1632). This grey blue note has the portrait of Karl Ernst von Baer as the watermark.

Image Courtesy: nvmvs.com