Yugoslavia 5000000 Dinara banknote of 1993

2019-04-27 Sat

Yugoslavia was a country in Southeastern and Central Europe for most of the 20th century. It came into existence after World War I in 1918. The banknotes of the Yugoslav dinar are the several series of paper money emitted by the central bank of the different consecutive states named Yugoslavia such as the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The dinar was subdivided into 100 paras.

In the early 1990s, there was severe and prolonged hyperinflation due to a combination of economic mismanagement and criminality. Massive amounts of money were printed and the highest denomination banknote that was issued was a 500 billion dinars.

Today we are looking at a Yugoslavian 5000000 Dinara banknote. Issued in 1993, the Violet, lilac, turquoise and multicolored note depicts: N. Tesla at left, and the National Bank monogram arms at center. The reverse features a central vertical rendition of the high-frequency transformer at the center, and a hydroelectric dam at right.

Image Courtesy: eBay.com