Rhino Featured on Latest Pobjoy Mint Coins

2019-04-27 Sat

Pobjoy Mint released the third coin from its Big Five African Animals series. The coin depicts the head of a Rhino, designed like an African mask in high relief, and is issued for Sierra Leone. The incused rim features an African pattern to maintain the theme. The 62.21 g Fine Silver coin has a diameter of 50 millimetres and an issue limit of 500 pieces. The coins come inside a custom-made acrylic box which is placed in a printed sleeve along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Big Five African animals were originally named that way because it was extremely difficult to hunt them several years ago. Today, they are endangered and continual conservation efforts are undertaken to protect these wonderful animals.

Rhinos have been on earth for millions of years. They are the second-largest land mammals after the elephant. They are fearless and have been spotted grazing next to lions as well. Rhinos are among the most endangered species on Earth. They are hunted and killed for their valuable horns. If the poaching continues, they will soon become extinct.

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Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint