Azerbaijan Fights Forgery of Banknotes Using Advanced Security Features

2019-04-24 Wed

Azerbaijan has introduced several new security features for their banknotes to control illegal counterfeiting activities. Nano and micro technologies have been incorporated in banknote designs to meet international security standards. New 10-manat banknotes with improved security features were introduced on 18th March 2019. The basic design elements for these notes have been retained.

Banknotes in Azerbaijan are generally duplicated using scanners, colour printers and computers. However, when these notes are held against an ultraviolet light source, none of the special elements glows. Sometimes, different parts of real notes are also used to produce fake notes. A portion of real note is connected with a fake one as well at times. As per experts, almost 34 per cent of all forged banknotes were one manat banknotes. 29 per cent, 13 per cent, 11 per cent, 7 per cent, 6 per cent and 0 per cent of forged banknotes were 5-manat, 20-manat, 100-manat, 10-manat, 50-manat and 200-manat banknotes, respectively. 1,322, 1,226 and 275 banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in 2017, 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019, respectively.

Image Courtesy: Google Images