Swiss National Circus Knie Celebrates 100th Anniversary

2019-04-23 Tue

Switzerland issued a new 20-franc commemorative collector coloured silver Proof coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Swiss National Circus Knie. A special embossing process using coloured elements has been applied for the first time by Swiss Mint. It comes in a case with a numbered certificate of authenticity. It features a coloured image of the popular clown figure that was created in 1956 by the advertising graphic artist Herbert Leupin (1916-1999). The clown juggles the diagonally stacked letters K / N / I / E. Swissmint engraver Remo Mascherini created the coin’s design.

Friedrich Knie founded Knie Circus by joining a group of artists. They bought a large tent (could encompass 3,000 people) on credit and the first show was organised on 14th June 1919. It was a grand success and crowds attended the show in large numbers. There has been no looking back for Circus Knie since then. The company went through several ups and downs, but due to the family’s vision and determination, they managed to bounce back every time. Today, Knie Circus is famous all over the world for its innovative programs. They even collaborate with foreign guest performers and Circus groups like the Chinese National Circus (1984), the Moscow State Circus (1985), Mummenschanz (1988) and Cirque du Soleil (1992).

Image Courtesy: Federal Mint Swissmint