Falkland Islands 5 Pounds banknote of 1985

2019-04-20 Sat

The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) are a remote South Atlantic archipelago. With rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts, its hundreds of islands and islets are home to sheep farms and abundant birdlife. The capital, Stanley, sits on East Falkland, the largest island. The town's Falkland Islands Museum has themed galleries devoted to maritime exploration, natural history, the 1982 Falklands War and other subjects.

As a British overseas territory, the Falklands have internal self-governance, and the United Kingdom takes responsibility for their defence and foreign affairs. The Falkland Islands' capital is Stanley on East Falkland. The Pound is the currency of the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands pound has always been pegged to the pound sterling at par and banknotes of both currencies are used interchangeably on the islands.

The note depicted in the image beside is 5 Pounds banknote issued in 1985. The obverse has the King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus); Coat of arms; Queen Elisabeth II; Map outline of the Falkland Islands; and the Sea lions. The reverse depicts the Governor's House; Christ Church Cathedral and Whale Bone Arch monument on Ross Road in Port Stanley. This red-blue note has cornerstones and other things as its watermark.

Image Courtesy: Katz Coins Notes & Supplies Corp.