Guyana Introduces Upgraded $1000 notes with Improved Security Features

2019-04-19 Fri

The Bank of Guyana introduced upgraded $1000 banknotes with two important changes on 4th March. The earlier version of $1000 banknotes continues to be legal tender. A holographic stripe has been incorporated on the obverse side with a RAPID® micro-optic security feature. This blue micro-optic element is 6 millimetres wide and appears to be moving behind the national flower – the Victoria Regia Lily. The element moves up and down behind the static numerals “1000” upon tilting the note as the flower petals shine in blue and white.

A plastic thread is embedded on the windowed security thread on the reverse. This plastic thread is visible when the note is held against a light source.

The $1000 note of Guyana was last upgraded with enhanced security features in 2011. The $500 note was also upgraded at the same time. The upgraded security features on the earlier version of $500 and $1000 include a “holographic stripe”, improved watermark etc.

Image Courtesy: Google Images