First Definitive Stamp of Luxembourg

2019-04-18 Thu

The first definitive Luxembourg stamps appeared in 1852.

With a total area of under one thousand square miles, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign states in the World. Luxembourg is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France. With a recorded history dating back to the Ancient Roman Empire, the stamps of Luxembourg beautifully reflect the history, people, and natural wonders of this small country.

The first definitive Luxembourg stamps appeared in late 1852 featuring the portrait of King William III of the Netherlands who was also the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The country name did not appear on the postage stamps. The postage stamps were inscribed with only "POSTES" (English: "POSTAGE") and the denomination.

The denominations of the first stamps of Luxembourg were expressed in Centimes. The first stamp of Luxemburg was issued with the denominating of 10 centimes and feature the Portrait of the king facing left inside a floral, oval vignette.

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