Industry and Commerce Stamps of Luxembourg

18 Apr 2019  Thu

Industry and Commerce Stamps of Luxembourg are the allegorical stamps focusing the key aspect of country’s economy. They were issued in December 1882.

The definitive Luxembourg stamps of 1882 are important for philatelic review of the country. These stamps feature new, more modernistic designs. In December 1882 a set of 12 stamps were issued portraying the Industry and Commerce of the country. These stamps were issued with the denominations ranging from 1 Luxembourgish centime to 5 Luxembourgish francs.

The common design features an allegorical representation of Industry and Commerce with the crowned Coat of Arms of the country in the middle. The stamps show the Denomination Value below the Coat of Arms and are inscribed with “DUCHE DE LUXEMBOURG”. These new designs were very similar to the contemporary Peace and Commerce definitive postage stamps of France.

Along with these stamps two different sets of portrait stamps were issued necessitated by the accession to the throne of TWO new Grand Dukes.

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