Bengal Sultan Nasir Al-Din Nusrat Shah’s Silver Tanka

2019-04-18 Thu

Nasir Al-Din Nusrat Shah was the ruler of Bengal and the son of Alauddin Hussain Shah, he ruled Bengal Sultanate from 1519 CE until his death 1533 CE. After on the throne of Bengal Sultanate, he continued his father’s expansionist policies; later he also added more territories to his sultanate. Later, in the year 1526 CE onwards he struggles a lot with Mughals ascendency; he also suffers from the Ahom kingdom.

After sitting on the throne on Bengal Sultanate he issued coin in two metals gold and silver. All the coins he introduced are in were in octagonal and round shape. All the coin he issued was rich in quality as those of his father’s. Legends which used be written on the coin were spread on both the sides of the coins. Coins issued by him were not having any religious expression apart from Khallada Allah Mulkahu, in some coins, only ‘Khallada Mulkahu’ is found. Dates written on his coins are difficult to interpret in many cases.

This silver tanka was issued by him from the mint Dar-al-Darb Hussainabad during the Hijri Year 952. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as Al-Sultan Bin Al-Sultan Nasir Al-Dunya Wa 'L Din Abu 'L Muzaffar’. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Nusratshah Al-Sultan Bin Husain Shah Al-Sultan Al-Husaini Khallada Allah Mulkahu’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction