First Telegraph Stamps of Hungary

2019-04-11 Thu

Issued in the year 1873, the telegraph stamps were the third philatelic issue of Hungary. Hungary began to issue stamps in the year 1868.

Telegraph stamps are stamps intended solely for the prepayment of telegraph fees. In most countries, the cost of sending a telegram was paid using normal postage stamps identified by their distinctive telegraphic cancels or punched holes. In some countries and at some times, special telegraph stamps were produced or postage or revenue stamps overprinted.

In Hungary, a number of Telegraph stamps were issued but the first was issued in the year 1873. The stamps came with two types and 8 different denominations. Design #1 is the numeral issues which were printed in the perforated white paper. The design shows a crowned coat of arms in the centre with the denomination value in the middle. This design included a set of 6 stamps with the denominations ranging from 5 Hungarian krajczar to 50 Hungarian krajczar.

The second type included two stamps with the denominations of 1 and 2 Hungarian forints. The design depicts a crown in the centre with the numeral denomination in the centre which is flanked by two boys. This stamp was lithographed and shows excellent artisanship.

The use of these stamps was discontinued on 28 February 1879 and forbidden thereafter.

Image Courtesy: https://gb-precancels.org

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