Dahomey’s Pictorial Definitive Stamps of 1941

10 Apr 2019  Wed

Dahomey’s Pictorial Definitive Stamps of 1941 is a set of 22 stamps issued in the year 1941 depicting the local scenery.

Dahomey was a kingdom on the west coast of Africa on the Bight of Benin. In 1894, the territory was annexed by France. Hence, it became an administrative unit of French West Africa in 1895. The first stamps were issued for Dahomey in 1899. Stamps of French West Africa superseded Dahomey stamps in 1945.

In 1941, Dahomey issued a set of 22 large pictorial definitive stamps showing local scenes. The stamp designs depict a man poling a canoe, a pile house, a sailboat on Lake Nokoue and a Dahomey warrior. These colorful engraved French colonial stamps are perennial favorites of classic stamp collectors, topical collectors, and collectors of French colonies and Africa.

The Republic of Dahomey gained independence on Dec. 4, 1958. In 1975, the country’s name was changed to Benin.

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