Nasr II of Samanid Dynasty

06 Apr 2019  Sat

Samanid Empire was Sunni Iranian Empire, ruling from 819 to 999. The kingdom was centered in Khorasan and Transoxiana during its existence.

Nasr Ibn Ahmad was the Amir of Samanid dynasty from 914 to 943. Nasr became Amir at the age of eight in 914. Due to his youth, his Prime Minister Abu Abdullah Jayhani undertook the regency. His reign marked the high point of the Samanid dynasty’s fortune.

The above shown silver Dirham was issued during his reign from Ma’adan mint. The obverse of a coin has inscription "And your god is one God; there is no god except He" "In the name of God this dirham was struck in Ma’adan in the year 310" – "To Allah belongs the command ever before and ever after, and upon that day the believers will rejoice".

The reverse of a coin has legend may be translated as "For God; Mohammad is the messenger of God; al-Muqtadir bi-Allah (Abbasid Caliph 908–932 CE); Nasr bin Ahmad”.

Nasr died of tuberculosis on 6th April 943.

Image Source: Google Images

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