Highlights at Classicphil Auctions

2019-04-05 Fri

The Classicphil firm of Vienna, Austria is going to organise its first auction from 15th to 17th April at Vienna’s Fleming’s Selection Hotel, Josefstaedter Strasse 10-12. A wide variety of postage stamps and other philatelic items would be offered during the auction.

One of the highlights is a 1911 postcard with the 25¢ Rodgers Aerial Post Vin Fiz Flyer semi-Official airmail stamp. A total of 13 such stamps exist today, out of which, seven are used on postcards. The offered postcard was discovered almost 17 years ago when it was sold for $44,000 by Robert A. Siegel auction.

The listed market value of a Semi-Official stamp on a postcard with the 1¢ green Benjamin Franklin stamp is $75,000. However, it’s difficult to value the item accurately. This time, the item is being offered at a starting bid of €18,000, which comes to almost $20,200.

A 1979 $1 Candle Holder stamp with the intaglio brown CIA invert stamp is another interesting offering. The listed market value of this stamp is $17,500 and it’s being offered at a starting bid of €3,800 ($4,260). An unused example of Romania’s 81-parale blue Coat of Arms stamp from 1858 is being offered. It’s supposedly one of three known examples of its type with original gum.

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Image Courtesy: Classicphil Auctions