Eagle Tetradrachm of Emperor Caracalla

2019-04-04 Thu

Issued by Emperor Caracalla, this silver Tetradrachm with an eagle is one of the iconic numismatics pieces of the coinage of the Roman Empire.

Caracalla, better known as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, was the son of Septimius Severus He was named Caesar in 196 and Augustus in 198. He was a co-ruler with his father and brother. Soon after the death of his father, Caracalla had Geta murdered and massacred thousands suspected of supporting him and ascended the throne.

Caracalla's reign was a notable one. Caracalla’s reign was famous for the expeditions he carried, the structures he built, and the men he killed. Along with that, his reign was also famous for the coins that he minted. Mostly in silver and few in gold, the coins of Emperor Caracalla were distinctive like the emperor himself.

The above-shown coin is a silver tetradrachm, issued probably during his reign. The coin depicts the bust of Caracalla facing right on the obverse. The king is shown with a frown and wearing a laurel. The inscription is around.

The reverse shows an eagle standing facing with his head to left. The eagle is shown with a wreath in beak and widespread wings. At the bottom, in right field, a radiate and draped bust of Shamash facing left are seen. Greek inscription is seen around.

Image Courtesy: http://www.coinproject.com