Al-Aziz Billah of Fatimid Empire

2019-04-03 Wed

The Fatimid Caliphate was a Shia Islamic Caliphate that spanned a large area of North Africa. Al Aziz Billah was a fifth Caliph of the Fatimid dynasty. He ruled the kingdom from 975 to 996 AD. Under his reign, the Fatimid Empire stretched as far as Palestine and Syria. Mecca and Madina also acknowledged the suzerainty of the Fatimids.

During the reign, he issued gold Dinar and silver Dirham. These coins were struck at Al Mahdiya, Al Mansuriya, Filastin, and Misr.

Depicted above gold Dinar was issued in his reign. The obverse of a coin has legend ‘la ilah illa Allah muhammad rasul Allah ‘ali khayr safwat allah’ within inner margin and ‘muhammad rasul allah arsalahu bi’l-huda wa din al-haqq li-yuzhirahu ‘ala al-din kullihi wa law kariha al-mushrikun’ bore in outer margin.

The reverse of a coin has lettering ‘abd allah wa waliyuhu nizar al-‘aziz billah amir al-mu’minin’ within the inner circle while outer margin is depicted with ‘bism allah duriba hadha’l-dinar’ with the date.

Image Source: Google Images