Silver Dirham of Jalal al-Din Mangubarni

02 Apr 2019  Tue

The Khwarazmian dynasty was a Persianate Sunni Muslim dynasty of Turkic origin. It ruled large parts of Central Asia and Iran. Jalal al-Din Mangubarni was the last ruler of the Khwarazmian Empire. Following the defeat of his father by Genghis Khan in 1220, he came to power.

He was expelled from Khwarazm, but managed to occupy the Kurram valley, north-west Pakistan, and issue coins, until its conquest by Iltutmish, sultan of Delhi.

Depicted here is silver Dirham issued in the reign of Jalal al-Din Mangubarni. It depicted the beautiful Kufic legend on its both face. The obverse has an inscription ‘Jalal al-Dunya wa al-Din Mangubarni bin al-Sultan’. On the other hand, the reverse bore with ‘al-Mustansir billah al-amir al-mu'minin’ (al-Mustansir billah al-amir Commander of the faithful); floral ornament above.

Image Source: Google Images

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