“Round the World in Banknotes” Catalogue

02 Apr 2019  Tue

Coincraft has put together a new catalogue of interesting banknotes from the world, including old as well as new issues. The 47 full-colour catalogue is called "Round the World in Banknotes" and lists notes from 232 countries, territories and issuing authorities, including non-existent countries as well.

Coincraft’s senior Banknote specialist Claire Lobel worked on compiling this catalogue. 99% of the selected notes are in UNC condition. Notes from monetary unions such as the Euro-zone, West African States, the Central African states and the East Caribbean Central Bank, denoted with letter prefixes are also a part of the catalogue. Some of the examples include notes from former East Germany, Biafra and the South Arabian Monetary Authority etc.

Banknotes from distant lands such as Arctic Territories, Galapagos, Kerguelan Islands, and Spitzbergen are also listed. The designs, illustrations, vibrant colours and high-tech security printing techniques are exceptional on many of these notes. The catalogue is available from Coincraft’s shop across the British Museum in London or can also be ordered from their official website.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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