Welcome to the world-baby feet coins

30 Mar 2019  Sat

It’s always a joyous occasion when we welcome a newborn in the world. To make those moments even more beautiful, the Canadian Royal Mint has recently introduced “Welcome to the World” Silver Coins.

These are a perfect gift for our loved ones. A gift that they can cherish right from their first day in the world to their entire lifetime! Few things fill our heart like tiny soft feet that can be tickled and kissed. Like footprints in the sand, these special moments, when the kids kick the air with abandon, are fleeting. But unlike sand that shifts and fades with time, these imprints are pure silver and last forever!

This coin captures the essence of that happy carefree time with a heart-warming design of baby feet struck incuse into the coin with the denominational value inscribed bellow and the country named above the feet. The other side has the right facing effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The coin specifications are as follows:

Composition : 99.99% pure silver
Finish : reverse proof
Weight (g) : 15.87
Diameter (mm) : 34
Edge : serrated
Face value : 10 dollars

Hurry! Get one for your baby!

Image Courtesy: Colonial Acres Coins

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