The National Bank of Greece is Founded

30 Mar 2019  Sat

The National Bank of Greece a global banking and financial services company was established 178 years ago on 30th March 1841 at Greece.

NBG was founded in 1841 in Athens, by the decree "On National Bank recommendation". At its founding, the major shareholder of the National Bank was the Greek state with 1,000 shares out of 3,402. It used to have the sole right of note issue, until 1928 when the newly established Bank of Greece took over as the country's central bank.

The arrival of the 20th Century saw NBG begin its international expansion. The 1930s saw further international expansion. By the mid 20th Century the bank took over it's Rival Bank – the Bank of Athens and became the largest bank of the Country. Today, the bank has over 500 branches in Greece and some in Australia, Egypt, and the United Kingdom.

In the year 1966, Greece Post issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the bank. This beautiful blue colured stamp is denominated 4 Drachma and depicts an image of the building of the bank.

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