Queen Victoria’s 200th Birth Anniversary

2019-03-27 Wed

Pobjoy Mint released a special set of two coins for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands to celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of Queen Victoria. The reverse side of one coin features the reverse-design of Queen Victoria’s Great Seal where the Queen is sitting on a throne while personified figures of Justice and Religion are sitting on the sides. Other elements such as the Royal Arms and crown along with a wreath with oaks and roses are also shown. The second coin shows the obverse of the seal where a crowned Queen Victoria is riding a horse holding a sceptre, while a man is holding the horse’s reins. The obverse of the coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 1.24 grams .999 Gold coin has a diameter of 13.92 millimetres and a mintage limit of 500 pieces. The 28.28 grams .925 Silver coin has a diameter of 38.60 millimetres and a mintage limit of 2,000 pieces. The 28.28 grams Cu-Ni coin has a diameter of 38.60 millimetres and a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces. The coins can be bought as a two-coin set or separately as well. The Proof Sterling Silver and the Proof Fine 1/25oz Gold coins come in an acrylic capsule which is kept inside a red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Cupro Nickel coins come in tubes.

Captain James Cook reached South Georgia in 1775 and Letters Patent was issued in 1843 by the Monarch to create government for the islands. Letters Patent included the Great Seal of the Realm. Sealing wax was melted into a mould and impressed into a wax disc. The disc was attached to a cord or ribbon of official documents. The British Letters Patent for the island featured Queen Victoria’s Great Seal.

Born on 24th May 1819, at Kensington Palace, Princess Victoria became the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20th June 1837 and ruled until her death (22nd January 1901). The British Empire flourished and expanded to a great extent during her reign.

Image Courtesy: Pobjoy Mint