Highlights at Heinrich Koehler Auction

2019-03-26 Tue

Heinrich Koehler is going to offer a wide variety of ancient as well as modern postage stamps during its next auction which will be organised from 26th to 30th March at their galleries in Wiesbaden, Germany.

A cover mailed to Philadelphia, Pa. features an 1845-46 10¢ black on greenish St. Louis postmaster’s provisional stamp tied with a red St. Louis circular datestamp. The cover has a red straight-line PAID marking too. The stamp has a listed market value of $14,000. However, it’s difficult to value the stamp accurately. The premium amount for such items depends upon the condition of the stamps and attractiveness of the cover. It’s being offered at an opening bid of €5,000.

A Hindenburg crash cover from 1937, addressed to South Bend, Ind. is in bad condition but is preserved inside a transparent covering with two U.S. Post Office Department Official seals. A “T10c” postage due is written in blue pencil. The 10-pfennig chocolate President von Hindenburg stamp was probably struck with a Frankfurt postmark and attached by paper clip to the postcard within the encasement. A blue German airmail etiquette and a round zeppelin flight cachet stamped in red can be also seen on the postcard. It has a listed market value of €15,000 and is being offered at an opening bid of €4,000.

A 1481 letter, signed by Archduke Maximilian or Emperor Maximilian I is another highlight. A letter from Paris to Ghent struck with the post horn marking of the Taxis post office at Ghent, dated 9.7.1674, is also being offered at a starting bid of €2,000. This is one of the oldest Taxis-markings in Europe which were only used from 1674 to 75.

An 1856 4¢ black on rose carmine stamp, From British Guiana, with initials “EDW”, struck in black with the Demerara postmark dated Oct. 29, 1856, will be offered at a starting bid of €10,000. It features wide full square margins and was a part of Philipp la Renotiere von Ferrary’s collection, marked on the reverse with his handstamp. It has a listed market value of $40,000 but it’s difficult to accurately evaluate them.

An unissued 60-pfennig+30pf Olympic Games semipostal from Germany on a piece with a 20pf orange Pfaueninsel Castle definitive and postmarked with a pictorial Mannheim cancel on July 23, 1982, is being offered at a starting bid of €10,000. The semipostal stamp was printed in 1980 but was withdrawn after West Germany decided to boycott the Summer Games in Moscow to protest Soviet military action in Afghanistan. Some of the unissued stamps with a German postal official were accidentally used on mail and discovered by collectors. The item has a listed market value of €45,000.

Historic philatelic items from the kingdom of Saxony, Danish West Indies 1773-1917, and Ireland will also be auctioned during this event.

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Image Courtesy: Heinrich Koehler