Lebanon's First Anniversary of Independence Stamps

2019-03-25 Mon

Lebanon, a country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea was a French colony since 1920. Lebanon proclaimed independence in November 1941. The French government accepted the independence of Lebanon on November 22, 1943.

However, the Lebanese post n completing the 1st Year of Independence issued a set of six stamps with 2 different designs. The stamps were issued on 18th September 1942 and depict Emir Bechir Chehab and Plane over Mount Lebanon.

Emir Bechir Chehab was an Emir of Lebanon who ruled Lebanon in the first half of the 19th century and was one of the most important figures in the History of the country. Post Lebanese dedicated a set of 4 stamps with the denomination ranging from 0.50 Lebanese piasters to 15 Lebanese piasters.

The second set is the two stamps of 10 Lebanese piasters and 50 Lebanese piastres which depict Plane over Mount Lebanon which is a national symbol. From the 1940s the term Liban started to be used, which is Lebanon's name in French. Today all stamps of Lebanon are marked simply Liban.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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