Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi

2019-03-25 Mon

"I am a fighter against oppression and injustice, whether practiced by bureaucrats, zamindars, capitalists or those of high caste. I have fought all my life against oppression against inhumanity and may God give me the strength to fight on till the last".

These are the words of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, a remarkable journalist and fierce freedom fighter who stood for equality for all. He fought oppression during a critical period in India’s freedom struggle against the British!

Ganesh Shankar was born on 26th October 1890 in Hindu Kayastha family at Hathgaon. His real interest was in Journalism and public life and he came under the influence of the nationalist upsurge, which was taking place in the country. He adopted the pen name ‘Vidyarthi’ the seeker of knowledge.

Later, he became a leader of the Indian National Congress. He was also an active participant of various freedom movements such as Home Rule Movement and Non-Cooperation Movement.

Vidyarthi lost his life trying to save people during a communal riot in Kanpur on March 25, 1931. His short life was a constant struggle against oppression and inhumanity.

He received several prestigious honors form government of India. India Postal Department has issued 15 Naya Paisa commemorative postage stamps to honor him in 1962.

Image Source: wikipedia.org