Freedom Monument Stamps of Latvia

22 Mar 2019  Fri

The freedom monument stamps are a set of 6 stamps issued to commemorate the freedom of the Republic of Latvia from the continuous occupation by Russia, Nazi Germany, and the USSR.

Postal history in the territory that now constitutes Latvia began during the 13th century. With the advent of Postage Stamps in mid-1800s, the postal system changed in Latvia which was under the Tsars.

When Latvia proclaimed its independence on 18 November 1918 issued its first stamps were issued on 18 December. Latvia was once, again occupied by the Russians in 1940 and by Nazi Germany during the war and again by USSR after the war. Finally, the Republic of Latvia declared the end of the transitional period and restored full independence on 21 August 1991 thus issuing new stamps to celebrate the freedom.

Known as Freedom Monument Stamps, these stamps were issued 28th December 1991. The stamps depict the Freedom Monument of Latvia. The monument is a high tower with topped by a copper figure of Liberty lifting three gilded stars, symbolizing the constitutional districts of Latvia: Vidzeme, Latgale, and Courland.

The stamp depicts the copper statue of liberty holding three gold stars with the name of the country at left topped by the denomination number. This set of stamps consists of six stamps with the denominations raging from 10 Russian kopeks to 100 Russian kopeks.

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