Virabhadra illustrated on coins

2021-05-10 Mon

Virabhadra is the representation of Lord Shiva’s rage. He is also called one of the most fierce and fearsome forms of the Lord. The creation of Virabhadra itself is connected deeply with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s life. It is said that Virabhadra was created by Lord Shiva to destroy the Prajapati Daksha’s fire sacrifice (Yagna) after his wife Sati’s (Goddess Parvati) self-immolation.

The popularity of Virabhadra is seen through iconography, sculpture, and painting but even coin depicts this mighty war god. The depiction of Virabhadra on the coin is quite rare, but the above-shown coin from southern India is an exception.

The issuer of this coin is unknown; the obverse of this coin depicts Virabhadra in the famous Yogic Virabhadra Asana. The reverse of this coin depicts a legend inscribed in Grantha script; it reads ‘Virabhadra’ in three lines.

Image Courtesy: Amit Udeshi