Libya’s Latest Polymer Notes

18 Mar 2019  Mon

On 17th February, it was officially revealed that the Central Bank of Libya would be releasing new 1 Dinar plastic banknote. The official statement was given by Central Bank officials in Tripoli during the 8th Anniversary Ceremony of Libya’s revolution. Libya is one of the first 20 countries in the world to adopt polymer notes.

The current version of banknotes would be slowly taken out of circulation. The latest version is dark blue in colour. The obverse side depicts the Central Bank of Libya while the reverse side features the Brega Oil Refinery and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius.

There are transparent nets inside the Polymer with an image of Omar Mukhtar (1862-1931), who was Libya’s famous revolutionary. Number (1) can be seen when the note is held against a light source. The colours and shapes of certain elements change under UV rays. The note also contains some elements which are produced in micro-print.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Libya

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