Coinage of Jalal al-Din Ahsan Shah

2019-03-14 Thu

The Sultanate of Madurai, officially known as the Ma’bar Sultanate by the contemporaries, was established by Jalaluddin Ahsan Shah. He was the governor of Ma’barwho set up the Sultanate of Madurai by declaring independence from the Delhi Sultanate which was under Muhammad bin Tughluq. The kingdom lasted for only 48 years and it saw eight reigning Sultans.

Ahsan Shah ruled the sultanate from 1334 to 1339 AD. During the reign, he issued gold, silver, copper, and billon coins. These coins were issued in the denomination of Pagoda, Tanka, Paisa, and Jital.

The portion of Arabic legend ‘Jalal al-Dunya Wa al-Din’ or ‘Al-Husaini’ depicted on the obverse of coins issued by him. Apart from this, the reverse bore the legend ‘Ahsan Shah’ with AH date. Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery