Alam Ara

14 Mar 2019  Thu

The first Indian talkie Alam Ara, which scripted a new chapter in the field of entertainment in the country, was released today on 14th March 1931!

It was somewhere around 1930 when the idea of Alam Ara took root. The adventurous film tells the story of aging king’s and his two queens and the rivalry between the two queens to take over the reign in their hands.

Alam Ara also featured the first song of Indian Cinema ‘De De Khuda Ke Naam Par’. The film was houseful for the next 8 weeks of its release. It was advertised with the tagline "All living. Breathing. 100 per cent talking".

Sadly, the film has long been lost in the past and was not available according to the National Film Archive of India, Pune. The last surviving print of Alam Ara was destroyed and the film is no longer available in its original format.

Alam Ara was a turning point in the history of majestic Indian Cinema. To celebrate the 100 years of cinema India post has issued two commemorative postage stamps with the denominations of Rs.6 and Rs. 11 in 1995. Stamp showed the Film, Globe and Early Equipment.

Image Source: Mintage World

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